Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I've fallen in Love with Pintrest. I have found so many things that I've wanted to make or do or go or see...you get the idea. I also have a love hate relationship with Winter, so I have decided that during the fall/winter and maybe some spring (but probably not spring) I am going to do as many things from Pintrest (and other blogs/websites) as I can to combat the depression of winter.
I have already started.
Let me say a little something first. My stuff is not going to perfect, or look exactly like the items on pintrest. I'm just going to have fun. Some will be made by my kids, some by me, some by nature..you see where I'm going with this....basically, look with one eye shut and I will be a master :)

Here are some of the things we've done so far.

"31 Sucks" for my sister's birthday.

Samantha's Hair. Her hair is sssuuupper thin and she's 3, so she doesn't sit still very long and when you do her hair, she tries to see what your doing, so she turns her head a lot. lol! I think it turned out well though. Next time I'll do smaller one's.

Mason Jar , poked hole's in lid with Baking Soda. Take away odor. I keep this one under the kitchen sink, since that's where all the cleaning stuff is and it tends to smell under there. It has helped.

If you know me, you know I love country. I love canning. I love mason jars. I own tons! This one I cut a hole in the lid for the soap dispenser and filled it with cute green soap. I love it.

Smore bars. Need I say more?

I have more for tomorrow. Samantha and I made 5 pintrest ideas today. Please come back!


  1. I think you are brilliant... and I am addicted to pinterest too!

  2. Yay, doing crafts and things! I like these ideas! I saw the s'mores and soap dispenser ideas and thought about doing/making them, too! I'm excited to see more!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the 5 projects you did!